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Terms & Conditions

Glamping experiences are an overnight rental. Tent will be set up by 3pm (unless otherwise requested) and will be picked up the following day at noon.




Reservation Payment

Reservation date is not secured until a security deposit of $200.00 is received by nestled. The remaining balance will be due 14 calender days before the reservation date. The security deposit will be refunded within 24 hours after tent pickup if no damage has occurred.


Cancellation Policy

If cancellation is requested 14 days prior to reservation date, the security deposit payment and any additional money we have received for the tent rental will be refunded.

If cancellation is requested 7-14 days prior to the reservation date, your security deposit becomes non-refundable.  Your tent rental fee will be returned.

If cancellation is requested within 7 days of reservation date, customer forfeits all payments (security deposit and tent rental).


Weather Policy

The canvas tent is waterproof. If light rain is expected, we will set up as normal. If severe weather (heavy wind and rain, hail, snow, and/or lightning) is expected, we will contact you and reach an agreement about what’s best for the safety of your guests and our tent.  We will allow you to reschedule based on availability.


Damage & Rental Item Care

Customer assumes all responsibility for damage/theft to the tent and its contents. Should the damage exceed the security deposit, we will photograph the damage and invoice you accordingly. (PS – We’re nice & reasonable people. We won’t charge you unless something is legitimately damaged or missing.)


Smoking and Open Flame Policy

There is no smoking allowed in any form (cigarettes, marijuana, vape, e-cigs) inside or around the tent area. Likewise, you are prohibited from having open flame or any source of fire in and around the tent. Any signs (smoke smell, burns, etc.) of smoking or open flame will result in loss of your security deposit or further additional charges.


Food & Beverage Policy

Food and drink are a part of every celebration. By consuming food and beverages inside and around the tent, you (the customer) assume all responsibility for damages that are caused by spills, accidents, and the like. Any excessive stains, spills, and damages are subject to cleaning fees and you will forfeit your security deposit or incur additional charges.


Animals & Pets

We strongly discourage pets in/around the tent area. Customers assume all responsibility for damages caused to the tent and contents by the pet, be it yours or any affiliated party (urine, excessive pet hair, chewing, etc.). Again, any damage caused by an animal will result in the loss of your security deposit.


All other liabilities are assumed responsibility by you, the customer, and are not entitled to sue the company, nestled, for any reason. nestled is fully insured.

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